About Us

Owned and operated by Jace Martin, Redtail Treeplanting is a Western Australian contractor, based in Busselton in WA's South West.

Our highly experienced and passionate crew of workers have been planting trees and landscaped in WA's South West and Wheatbelt regions since 1997. Redtail Treeplanting prides itself on providing quality services with a very productive crew.

Our reputation for high quality and volume of work is renowned throughout the industry for meeting exact quality specifications and completing jobs under time and on budget.

We use reliable late-model 4x4 vehicles and use the latest tree-planting and landscaping equipment - For treeplanting, we use modified Pottiputki planter tools to ensure consitstently accurate, well-planted seedlings over large areas. Besides, we are a full serviced landscape contractor-landscape design business that works in all aspects of Landscaping. Turning houses into homes, farmland into forests.

We plant in mounded, scalped, ripped or unprepared surfaces, adapting our technique to suit each clients specific needs.

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