Revegetation and Farmscaping


Our revegetation work is very important to us, as we take great pride in the fact that the trees we plant will stand forever, creating homes and food for our native wildlife. By creating a suitable micro-site for each seedling to be planted in we take great care in ensuring the species of  trees are planted the right location whether it be high or low ground, wet or dry areas or a salt affected/prone area etc.

In 2009 and 2010 we planted over 160 000 seedlings on the Deepdale property in Toodyay which is a property used to export high grade organic beef. Trees were planted on road sides, around dams through old creek lines, at the top and bottoms of hill sides and in massive planter boxes in various locations throughout the property creating future shelter for the cattle on the property.

With a strict emphasis on our EMS on all of our sites we pride our selves on leaving  the property as we found it, with the exception of trees in the ground and neat stacks of trays at our tree dumps ready for the nurseries to collect. The client also has the option of irrigating and bagging the seedlings.


Farmscaping is an initiative for people with smaller properties wanting a small escape from the world, where they can sit in their own little forest. The options are endless in the design of Farmscapes, whether you simply want your own forest to attract native birds and other wildlife or you would like a picnic table and chairs, dry river beds or a running river bed maybe even a small waterfall , the  choice is yours and with a large landscaping background we are able to create your own little hide-away with what ever your heart desires.

For more information please use the contact form and we can start creating you something special today!